Unveil Landscapes of Your Desert Inner Wisdom

Landscape of the mind 6aNew Mind Woman, New World Within you already know the greatest beauty, power and inspiration comes from the wild landscapes of your inner wisdom. How do you know?

Let’s visit again and experience the Namib Desert Dunes. They are one of the modern day wonders of the world and you guessed!! They represent the wilder part of whom you are. They are the landscape your inner desert and inner wisdom.

Revealing Feminine Mysteries

We have unveiled mysteries which have lain buried in the Western Woman’s psyche for hundreds, even thousands of years. It is a Feminine Mystery Power, kept a secret for over 60,000-years, by the Bushmen and Women of Namibia. Well until now it’s been a secret….that is!

Landscape of the mind 5aWe have this Feminine Mystery Power and the Desert Inner Wisdom and it is our purpose to bring it to women through The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment ‘Experiences’. We are setting up our global Centre in Swakopmund, Namibia, just for you.

You have the inspiration. That tells us you are awakening and igniting your own Ancient and Sacred Heart and this always creates the urge to sow the seeds of power in others. It is at this stage you need to open to being a New Mind Woman with a New World Within so you continually radiate your significance.

To open your Ancient and Sacred Heart to this inner wisdom and power you’ll need the195d9f1e-b43c-11e3-853d-12313b027a03-medium ‘Experiences’ to awaken fully and transform your inner wisdom by igniting your light with what we, and the Bushmen call !Nom.

We explain !nom here in other blogs but for our sake here we will say “It is re-energising the presence of life and awakening an inner power”, not strength, logic, reasoning or force type of power, but the beauty of whom you are, which you radiate and attract like a magnet.

Yes, it’s a shift, transformation and inner revolution that is complete and total. Until you have ‘Experienced’ this shake-up you will not be fully in the essence or soul of your New World that is awaiting you.

Desert Wisdom and Feminine Mystery Power

DE11It is in the Desert of Namibia we’ve personally gathered our own learning and desert wisdom, insight, foresight and hindsight from a 60’000-year understanding of the Bushmen. It’s here we’ve discovered the Feminine Mystery Power that has slept inside the women of the western world for hundreds, even thousands of years.

Yes! We have our own Bushman on the team who is the beauty of the vast spaces of our inner inspiration and provides the desert wisdom, feminine mystery and inner power the world needs today.

When you experience the dunes you too will realise why you can only succeed in DE96awakening the Feminine Mystery Power through connection again within you, they are reminders of your own uniqueness and one-off Self. That’s how significant and out-of-the-ordinary you are.

Out of This World Power

The dunes beauty is a reflection of the exceptional and out of this world power you have in the landscapes of your inner world.

Their shape and influence, their casting shadows and mystical suggestions, the character and soul of their nature, all represent the wild radiant parts of your inner wisdom and that inspires and ignites the wild radiant part inside each of us….. Thank You.

DE100The dunes are captivating, enchanting and mesmerising, outward exhibitions that make up 99.9% of your untamed, wild, beautiful and natural inner wisdom. Their wildness displays a phenomenon of total beauty that’s all taking place on the inside of your dazzling, breath-taking and exciting landscapes. This is what you radiate to us all through the light in your eyes.

Casting Shadows

images (38)New Mind Woman the casting shadows of the sunlight on the dunes is the most spectacular sight you can ever see, imagine or reflect. It ignites, awakens and sow the seeds of whom we are and that reflects in the light within you, it also connects, awakens us all too.

Yes, you the remarkable one, the stunning, amazing and magnificent you. The impressive natural state beyond what anyone could ever imagine and through your inner wisdom we see our own unique nature, wild and untamed that you have unveiled for us. Simply stop, take note and reread this paragraph again. Do you believe it??

DE29These dunes are a living, significant and out of this world reality you so wish to tame but you set an impossible task. This taming makes you doubt yourself. It is the beauty and their power you simply need to embrace. They are outward reminders of your inner wisdom, the natural savannah, the desert that brings unity within.

This unity makes you the empowered woman, being one voice on the inside of your mind, one living reality, lighting up our world within which reflects and vibrates throughout the universe. The light that connects us all the cosmos, yes, you are that light.

Enjoy captivating us all with your eyes and inner wisdom. Feel the power of the wild and natural dunes within the untamed you. It’s the inner burning fire of passion and your new reality, your New World Within. WoW. Thank You for unveiling the landscapes of your Desert Inner Wisdom.

Time to Relax

Find a space for a few minutes so you can relax and close your eyes.

Choose a picture of the dunes that best fits you.

Focus on the shadows of the dunes.

As you do begin to feel an inner passion and full of love growing inside, it may show itself by a smile or even a giggle; you may feel an excited feeling inside or even a warm diffused golden glow there on the cheeks of your face. It’s a natural reaction as you become aware of yourself relaxing.

Take the picture of the dunes and imagine it there on the inside your forehead. Imagine it is an outer picture of what the inside looks like.

Close your eyes and feel the fascination, love and excitement growing inside for the vastness, the space on the inside of your forehead, yes!! Your true Self.

As you see the picture feel the vastness inside, your wilder side that is today your natural beauty within, the greater capacity to deal with the day-to-day business of living. That’s all you need to do for now.

So, when you’re finished gently open your eyes and get back on with the day-to-day living.

Your reality will grow through love of the Self and you will radiate that love to us all so we too can open our own hearts and give that love to others.

Want To Know More……

Comments – Please don’t forget to let us know what you think about this unique writing on this blog. Your comments keep us wanting to open our Ancient and Sacred Hearts and give you more. Thank You.

Marianna and Michael xxx


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