Mother of All Experiences

New Mind Woman let’s remind you that the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment wakes, ignites and stimulates your unique power we call ‘oomph’. It is a compelling, passionate and an irresistible power in you that sleeps

It is part of what’s called the Ancient Desert Secrets. We discovered these Mysteries in the Namibian Desert and the !Kung Bushmen Women have shared them with us for you. They make you complete and wholehearted.

These secrets are not written on parchment or scrolls. They are in every grain of sand in the oldest Desert in the world called the Namib. 

They are expressed in Bushmen cave paintings and drawings which are over 60,000 years old. 

They are engraved in the Hearts of the !Kung Bushmen Women who now have entrusted to Marianna and I, the magic and blueprint of them so we can give them to you. They will make you captivating and beyond belief.

Today, is the best time for you to reach out and increase the beauty of your wisdom, know-how and everyday encounters called ‘experiences’.

This is the only way to spread your wings and enjoy a newfound freedom that adds ‘oomph’ to a power that sleeps inside you and needs waking up.

You are the ‘Mother of All Experiences’, and by increasing your ‘oomph’ you will make them more outstanding, unique and fun. 

Deep down you must sparkle, be exceptional and out of this world and that is why it is now time to understand and adopt the Ancient Desert Secrets. 

Imagine, out of the mundane and into the fantasy. You get all your experiences to glisten, glint and be full of life. To do this you need a magical ingredient to give them more ‘oomph’ and make these ‘experiences’ a big feature of your unfolding world.

The !Kung Bushmen Women of the Desert have entrusted us with this ‘oomph’, they call it !Nom. We found this !Nom to be a Feminine Mystery Power that is compelling, passionate and a real eye-opener.

This !Nom is all feminine power, stronger than anything known and it can bend your reality. It is a potential that is second to none.

It stimulates your Ancient and Sacred Heart into action. The good news is it only works on high vibrations. So you work in the absolute beauty of love. 

It sends out vibrations that produce the ‘essence’ of what you want. This ‘essence’ is called Universal Language and it returns in abundance.

!Nom is compelling when awake because it is influential and passionate. Your awakening begins by being open-minded and understanding. You soon discover with just these qualities you begin to be irresistible.

The !Kung Bushmen Women live  their lives with Love, Light and Laughter in their Hearts. If you start making these a permanent feature in your life you will see immediate beauty, complete unity and an awakened inspiration.

This is bending your reality to what we call Feminine Mystery Power.

Be the extraordinary and feel the excitement and laughter. This is waking up your !Nom. How about making this !Nom your life’s work?

You are more than worthy of being the Mother of All Experiences and we are so worthy and honoured.

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©Michael Whitenburgh 2019
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*(! before is a word is click with the tongue in Bushmen Language – like a tut)

About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh is a volunteer with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. It is under this umbrella falls. 
The !Kung Bushmen Women asked Michael to be a server and healer of Women’s Minds under the Law of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is also to awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power they call !Nom. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that offers and makes possible a better and bright future for women who have entered the second phase of their life. 
Michael loves and adores the purpose and meaning he has found in his life. 

2 thoughts on “Mother of All Experiences

  1. I have loved reading everything you write Mike, your writings are full of deep passion and sensitivity. I have always tried to do my best in everything I do. I have a passion and deep satisfaction to see other people achieve something that they thought was impossible. I love to see that look of accomplishment on their face when they have managed and gained that success, to give that self belief to people is such a wonderful feeling. We can achieve whatever we set out to do, it’s having the belief in oneself to do it. I miss our chats, I hope you and Marrianna are keeping as radiant as ever. Love always Cath x

    Liked by 1 person

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