You Are Unworthy. It Is the Result Of Trying To Compete With A Male Ego.

If you have never experienced that ‘good for nothing’ type of feeling why are you attracted and reading this blog? It happens to everybody so please keep reading.

Your undeserving, lacking in excellence and value, is another way of saying you have feelings of not being good enough, and they are false images of perfection in your mind.

These false images are hidden beliefs that result in thoughts of being a failure and these rouge thoughts create or stir up emotions of unworthiness.

You have been put down by your own mind for too long, now is the time to call a stop to it all, but will you? We will see if you accept this call after you have read this blog.

Mind Empowerment is about the call to ‘Wake-Up Woman’ from a sleep that has lasted in the Western Woman’s psyche for hundreds of years, and it includes you too.

What sleeps is your feminine power, and while it slumbers you have no choice but to meet head-on the power of a man’s logical, ego thinking. But your power is the opposite of the man’s ego, yet still you go up against his power, thinking you are equal to it or even better and when you fail you produce the false image of perfection and feelings of not being good enough.

Lets be truthful here how can you be good enough if you are imitating another person’s power with a make-shift power you believe will match there’s?

You have your own gift that sleeps and when you wake it up the value you will place on yourself will be priceless. Not only will it be credible to you but it will have a feeling of being so precious and extraordinary that you will instantly want more because it will put to rest, and get rid of the hidden image of perfection and replace it with a new meaning of how unique and fulfilled you really are.

Not only will you adjust what you thought was a true image in your mind, but you will release yourself from the false beliefs as you set your own records straight and that of every other woman walking this earth. How? By being the beauty of your own power that will become all the rage because of its own outstanding value.

This feminine power is called !Om and found by Marianna and I in the !Kung Bushmen Women of the oldest desert on the planet called the Namib in Namibia where we now live.

The Bushmen Women have given us the Ancient Desert Secrets and shown us how to use them, and yes we are the only people to have been trusted with these secrets and have been asked to ‘Wake-Up Women’ so they realise just how ‘out of this world’ they really are and how ‘beyond compare’ they are too.

Marianna can be contacted at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment at the web site

There are three things we would say you should use while waiting to visit Marianna for your retreat and answering the call to ‘Wake-Up Woman’ and they are – 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. You truly are beyond compare. Your power is yours and the way you will use it is unique to you.
  2. Don’t criticise yourself. You are ‘good enough.’ It is only hidden beliefs that show themselves through the green- eyed monster called ego in thoughts of being a failure. It is impossible for you to fail in anything except not waking up your sleeping power.
  3. Accept you are unique. Nobody has ever existed, exists today or will ever exist in the future that has experiences, or will experience like you. 

If you are aged 45 plus this is your second chance to be a trailblazer who is forward looking and world shattering with your cutting edge, awakened feminine power.

So not only will you transform the theatre of your life, but you will also alter the stages in the lives of all women by rearranging the scripts in a new, unique and exciting way.

We stand in awe of who you are about to become. Oh! Remember we said ‘we will see if you accept this call after you have read this blog, well have you seen the light and are you going to ‘Wake-Up Woman’? Let Marianna know on the web-site

About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh is known as the ‘bringer of feminine Power’ by the !Kung Bushmen Women who are the oldest race of people on the planet, dating back over 80,000 years.  
He is a volunteer Guide with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment in the ‘tropics’ of Namibia. The web site for the Centre is 

The !Kung Bushmen Women entrusted Michael to be a server, guide and healer of Women under the Laws of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is to freely awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power is called !Om. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that transforms from the old world into a New Mind Woman.  

He aims at Women aged 45 plus who want to reveal their unique upper hand, power, and mastery of themselves and what they manifest. Michael is the only man in the world to be given the Ancient Desert Secrets of the Bushmen Women. 

He loves and adores the meaning of his life’s gift and his purpose of freely giving it away and says “It is far removed from the days in the UK of private practice’s in the prestigious quarters of Liverpool’s Rodney St and London’s Harley St, using psychoanalysis and psychotherapy”.  


You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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