Q and A

What is this mystery feminine power

It is a power you so desperately need. We discovered it in the Bushmen Women roaming the oldest Desert on the planet – Namib, in Namibia.

They have the power and have used it without a break for over 80,000 years that makes them the oldest living race on earth.

This feminine mystery power has slept in your mind along with all Western Women’s psyche for hundreds of years. 

It needs awakening, so our call to you is ‘Wake-Up Woman’ and be a leading light in the greatest social transformation in the history of women.

Equality Call.

Your power is the answer to those ‘equality’ cries heard in every walk of life by women who want ‘equality’ with men. Why!!! Your awakened power is greater than any man’s ego, which you – at best – attempt to battle against with your ‘equality’ shouts.

Controversial. NO! Come to us and find and awaken your power and become equal and complimentary to the male ego. Not sure if the men will like this idea about you? Little do they realise their gene’s are 49% female.

Can’t I just wake-up this power

You have been talking about ‘something better’ in your life for many years and still found the thing that is holding you back. Your talking has not worked.

You’ve ‘grown up’ and become adult, we hear you shout but that’s the problem, you have not ‘grown up’. You are still working from a script written by a 12 year old girl. Ho! no I’m not…… Imagine the parking ticket which in your view is unjustified – the tantrum and outburst … it’s from the 12 year old.

Since you became an adult you have been using ‘talking therapy’ on yourself with a deep down hope that in the back of your mind you will find this ‘something better’, this ‘grown up behaviour’and be able to start using it to fulfil yourself by taking away the things that are holding you back.

Your ‘talking therapy’ has not worked up to now and no therapy today is capable of ‘waking-up’ your mystery feminine power.

To wake it up is a short process that we have been shown by the Bushmen Women of the Namib, Desert here is Namibia just what’s needed.

Why bother waking it up

The mood across the planet today is ‘transformation’ and if you stay in your old ways you are about to be left behind. Make no mistake about it you will become a dinosaur.

The social sites are saturated with women searching for the answer and solution of ‘What’s Holding Them Back’ but it is the wrong place to look.

Women are ‘co-operating’ with each other on the social media wanting to do business with each other in the hope of finding themselves but it simply is noted will not happen.

The movement today is for you to find yourself and then use your unique power, no other person on this planet has your talents they are unique to you and beat this false male ego battle attitude and bombastic approach of ‘I’m right and all the others are wrong’.

You are right, perfect and unique so it’s about time you found that power within and wake it up so you become the major contributor to all New Mind Women that exist today around the world. Contact Marianna now to discover more.

What does a new mind woman feel

At the moment of waking up you no longer want to devote as much time to friends, and to small-scale menial tasks, but instead you will want to focus on things that have much more to do with yourself.

First you begin to allow yourself to rise to the surface, because you’ve been so long asleep you have become unfamiliar with who you are. As you rise to the surface it will allow you to know yourself and life purpose, how and who you are and what you want your life to look like.

We must demand equality

You are hurting yourself and have been for hundreds of years. You are deluding yourself and believing you can take on a pseudo male ego (I’ll show him what I can do) this hurts your mind.

You are not built to take on the male ego, if you were, it would be a boring world. You are made of a special power that compliments the male ego. Powers that even the Bushmen revere in every one of their women, in fact the women are treated like queens by the tribesmen.

In their simple way the Bushmen have things right and it is only today the western world want to ‘update’ them with new and modern ways. They are the oldest living race on the planet?

Your equality is not through battle but discovering your true and authentic power that makes you so unique your equality is surpassed in to something greater.

Go to the contact page without delay – I mean now and ask Marianna to send further details on how you can be a New Mind Woman.