Dr Fred Newton

Dr. F. Newton MRCGP MBChB BSc, Grove Road Surgery, 71 Grove Road, Wirral. CH45 3HF

Michael Whitenburgh

Michael was admitted to Arrow Park Hospital in August 2009 with severe ventricular impairment; his ejection-fraction (measure of heart performance) was only 30% at the time.  Six months after he and his wife Marianna used their own mind therapy on his heart, the report by Dr. Currie MD FRCP (Consultant Cardiologist & Physician) stated this had improved markedly to 67%, with no evidence of heart failure on the echocardiogram – an astounding recovery achieved by using the mind in addition to standard medication.

I am fascinated with the methods they pioneered and used. They will help women change limiting childhood beliefs and I am sure they will not only improve health but open a whole new arena in the healing professions.

The outstanding and unique methods and techniques pioneered by Marianna and Michael can only offer global solutions in bringing mind and medicine closer together. It is a rediscovery of ancient methods with modern slants.

I should seriously recommend this to be your next stop if you want to inspire others. These methods are outstanding and work.